Many people who regularly drink Kombucha tea have found tremendous relief from a very wide range of diseases and ailments.

Some of the reported benefits really are quite staggering. This is because of Kombucha’s ability to work ‘with’ your body and boost your own natural defence system.

Some of the conditions that people have found relief from are:

  • Various symptoms of Cancer
  • Low ‘T’ cell count
  • Arthritis
  • Candida
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • ME
  • Blood Pressure Problems
  • Obesity
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • PMS
  • Poor digestion
  • Hair problems
  • Erratic bowel movements
  • Migraine relief
  • Poor skin tone

As you can see the list is wide and varied.

It is extraordinary how people talk about this amazing yet very pleasant drink.

I suppose that when you find relief from these sorts of problems you are going to be very happy, but when you find out how cheap and easy it is too, well…

Wouldn’t you like to claim your health back too and do all those things you enjoyed but couldn’t do anymore?

Keep well and increase your energy levels.

Of course, many people who drink Kombucha are not sick at all but they want to stay that way.

If you are generally healthy and drink Kombucha then you will probably notice an increase in energy levels and more concentration. I am not talking about the sort of energy that you can get from some of the modern fizzy red ‘buzz’ drink.

Kombucha can actually help your body to extract more energy from the food you eat.

Better mood

One of the other great effects that Kombucha drinkers have found is that they very often are in a better ‘mood’. This increase in the feeling of well being is much welcomed by everyone.

Probiotic effects

We have all heard how taking too many antibiotics is bad for your immune system – it actually lowers your resistance to disease.

Kombucha is probiotic, this means that it actually strengthens your immune system and your ability to fight sickness before it can take hold.

Probiotics can also help your immune system fight sickness that is already present in your body. And there is no damage to your system


With modern living comes poor diet and an increase in harmful substances in our bodies.

You might have heard about people going on a “de-tox” diet.

This is when they eat food which will drive out impurities from their bodies.

A great idea but, how many people do it regularly?

Kombucha is a powerful detoxifier so, regular drinking of it keeps your body continually detoxifying.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you can just eat what you want and not worry about what goes in your body. But it does mean that you rid more impurities out of your system, giving your body a ‘fighting chance’.

Many times you just feel ‘sluggish’ or ‘just not right’ it is because of the toxins in your body – get rid of them and improve your health.

Reaches the parts other supplements cannot reach

Due to the nature of Kombucha, many people find that they can get relief from a very wide and varied range of sicknesses that they couldn’t achieve with anything else.

Kombucha brings a balance to many aspects of your body, and therefore creates a beneficial environment for the natural healing process.

Kombucha is very cheap to make.

You would think that because it is so beneficial, Kombucha would be expensive, but no.

Once you have the equipment and utensils you need, it costs very little.

If fact you can probably make three months supply for the price of a bottle of cough mixture!

Kombucha takes very little time to make.

Pressed for time? Don’t worry, it takes about 15 minutes per week to have a personal supply of Kombucha! Discover how to make Kombucha.

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