So, you are thinking about drinking Kombucha tea – yes? Well I just want to take a quick look at who can drink it and any possible contraindications for those who need to be careful and consider whether they should drink it.

Who can drink Kombucha

The vast majority of people can drink Kombucha without any known problems but with lots of wonderful benefits. It is easier to look at who should not drink it or should be careful about drinking it.

Should you avoid drinking Kombucha?

Physician Do No Harm

Though I am not a physician, I have been involved in the complimentary health business since 1989. During that time I have learnt to be cautious about health matters; some people would consider me to be overcautious.

Here are a few groups of people that I believe should consider wisely and possibly consult their medical practitioner before drinking Kombucha Tea.

Those with a badly functioning liver – Kombucha is a very powerful detoxifier and will pull toxins from your body and pass them through your liver on their way out. If your liver does not function correctly then it may be unwise to drink Kombucha.

Infants under 6 Years – Whilst a young body is growing it cannot withstand the same degree of supplements and foodstuffs as an adult. Kombucha is very strong and should not be used on infants.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers – The reason is the same as above. Nutrient from the mother will pass into the unborn child and / or breastfed baby.

Children – You should consider diluting a child’s Kombucha before giving it. It can be diluted with water, iced tea or a suitable fruit juice such as grape.

Alcoholics in recovery – Many recovering alcoholics have found it helpful to drink Kombucha during their recovery period. Be warned though, Kombucha does contain a small quantity of alcohol, normally less that 1% by volume. Any recovering alcoholic knows that even a small quantity of alcohol can have a negative effect on them.

Diabetics – I have been given personal testimonies of diabetics who have had marvellous results from drinking Kombucha. I have just one word of caution. Though most of the sugar is converted into other components during the fermentation process, some still remains as sugar in the finished tea. Keep this in mind when preparing your diet.